2019 Okanagan Grape Arrival Timing

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Unfortunately, we will not be getting Sauvignon Blanc this year. The vines were hit by Botrytis fungus and Rob had a rush picking to get the grapes off the vines before it spread too far. Even if we had been able to mobilize that quickly, the grapes would probably not have traveled well. If you had Sauvignon Blanc in your order and wish to replace it with another white, send Jim Thorp an email We have the following whites available:

Sémillon 200 lbs left
Riesling 400 lbs left
Chardonnay 300 lbs left
Viognier no limit
Pinot Gris – we can put new orders on a waiting list; we take the whole crop but the amount available is dependent on crop size (Range to date is 1100 lbs to 1800 lbs, orders are currently at 1000 lbs)

The next grapes to come in are anticipated to be Sémillon, Riesling, and Chardonnay. Jeff and I have tentatively set a pick date of September 24th, which would result in the grapes arriving on the morning of the 26th. Key word here is “tentative” as things can always change quickly. The reds still appear to be further off.

Dave Burt presented the following information at our September 3rd meeting:

Based on our experience from the years 2015 to 2018, we can provide estimates of the arrival date of the various varietals from our Okanagan sources. 2019 is shaping up to be a normal year in terms of timing…so far.

2019 Okanagan Grape Arrival Timing (Based on Years 2015-2018)

Arrival Time=Picking Time + 2 Days
Varietal Median Earliest Latest
Sauvignon Blanc 12-Sept 04-Sept 20-Sept
Reisling 21-Sept 14-Sept 29-Sept
Chardonnay 21-Sept 15-Sept 28-Sept
Pinot Noir 06-Oct 29-Sept 13-Oct
Viognier 11-Oct 03-Oct 18-Oct
Merlot 14-Oct 03-Oct 26-Oct
Syrah 17-Oct 03-Oct 01-Nov
Cabernet Franc 19-Oct 17-Oct 26-Oct
Cabernet Sauvignon 21-Oct 17-Oct 26-Oct
Pinot Gris 24-Oct 09-Oct 09-Nov
:Dates are estimated arrival at Cavalotti
:Typically, grapes arrive in the morning of the second day after picking
:2019 is shaping up to be a normal year in terms of timing (so far)

Click the link below if you wish to print a copy.

2019 Grape Timing

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