Who we are and what we do

The Nanaimo Winemakers is an amateur winemaking club, whose members are interested in expanding and sharing their knowledge of wine and winemaking. Members meet to:

  1. discuss wine making techniques and thereby improve the quality of home-made wines.
  2. increase their knowledge and enjoyment of wines.
  3. sample the qualities of commercial and home-made wines.
  4. hold competitions for home-made wines.
  5. provide contact with other home winemakers.

Meetings are normally the first Tuesday of each month at the Cavalotti Lodge, located in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island (exceptions: no meetings in July, August, and January). Meetings typically consist of an educational session, followed by discussion and sharing of members experiences.

To make truly good wine, one must start with good grapes. To this end, each year the club searches out the best grapes possible at a reasonable cost. By purchasing together, we are able to lowers the cost of grapes, juices, barrels, yeasts, and winemaking supplies.

Once winemaking skills have been mastered, some members are inclined to submit their wines to the scrutiny of peers and judges in amateur wine judging competitions to gain further feedback. The Nanaimo Winemakers can help you find your way into these venues.

The club also hosts social events during the year, where you can expect wine to feature. And where there is wine, there is food and friendship and a lot of conversation about wine, its merits and making.

Questions? Use our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

The Nanaimo Winemakers club is affiliated with BCAWA (British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association) and AWC (Amateur Winemakers of Canada).