Whiskey and Wild, Wild Women?

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Cigareetes, Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women – Song & Lyrics Tim Spencer, 1947.

Nanaimo Winemakers March Zoom meeting didn’t feature many wild women but whiskey was aplenty! It appears the club’s wine appreciation enthusiasts have a significant interest in whisky as 36 members and partners tuned in for a whisky making and tasting education session at their March Zoom meeting.

This month’s dress theme was a tribute to St. Patrick and green was the colour of choice. Most members found some suitable attire and had their names entered into the costume draw.

  • President Andrew welcomed members:





  • Treasurer Chris gave a brief financial update:






  • Membership Coordinator David updated the latest membership numbers:






  • Barrell/Cork Supplies Coordinator Don outlined the 2021 situation:






Quite honestly, I’m not sure you can trust anything these “clowns” say but they do seem to be having a great time! Fortunately, Education Coordinator Cindy and hubby Mike restored some confidence with their appearance:

Cindy outlined future education plans not only for the monthly general meetings but also more detailed winemaking education sessions utilising the benefits of Zoom and additional to the regular meetings. Cindy thanked Jan and James for the extra work involved in putting on this months education session and the meeting was then turned over to Nanaimo Winemakers members James and Jan :





In preparation for the education session, Jan and James purchased three whiskeys and samples of the whiskeys were put into vials and delivered to each member who had coughed up the $15 tasting fee – what a bargain!

The three premium whiskeys to sample were:

1. Red Breast Irish Whiskey aged 12 years
2. Glenmorangie The Qunita Ruban Scotch Whisky aged 14 years
3. Ardbeg Islay Single Malt aged 10 years

James gave an interesting presentation on the distilling process and then led members thru a tasting and evaluation experience. As usual to this writer, a lot of time was spent on looking at the appearance of the whiskies and the “Nose” and perhaps “Tasting” is not an accurate description of the experience?

What was apparent was that the initial “nose” and taste does not always quickly reveal the whiskey. Sometimes one has to allow the whiskey to open up in the glass and the mouth. And adding just a few drops of water to the whiskey can totally change your enjoyment. Even the “peaty and smoky” Ardbeg, which was initially not to my liking, took on a different taste and enjoyment with a little water.

All in all, a very educational experience and thanks to James and Jan for pulling this off so well.

Andrew then led members thru a Whiskey Quiz which tested people’s knowledge of Irish, Scotch and Bourbon whiskeys:

Cindy did a roll call on who had the most correct answers and there was a three way tie for first with 16 out of 20 correct – the Gillinghams, the Grahams and James W. After an elimination draw, James was the well deserved winner. Cindy then wrapped up the education session and held draws for the raffle wine and costume outfit.

A final social session for members to chat did prove that 40%+ proof whiskey has some redeeming qualities!

Once again, a good time was had by all!


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