Potassium Sorbate

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Potassium sorbate, a widely used food preservative, is added in small quantities to sweet or semi-sweet wines to prevent further sugar fermentation. It is the only practical way for the home winemaker to guarantee that fermentation will not restart in the bottle.

Yan Calculator

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This is the latest version (Oct 2014) of the Excel tool the Willem Wyngaards developed on the basis of the previous article. We call it a YAN calculator, but it is really a nitrogen addition calculator (and it also calculates yeast additions).

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Keeping White Ferments Cool

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There is general agreement that white juice should be fermented at cool temperatures, taking several weeks to complete the process rather than the several days common with red must. Keeping white ferments cool is particularly applicable for the aromatic style. The cooler ferments can yield better varietal fruit flavor.

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Making Aromatic White Wine

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If you have tasted a good Riesling or Gewürztraminer, you know what the light-bodied aromatic style of white wine is all about. Compared to an oaky Chardonnay, these aromatic wines: are higher in acid and lower in alcohol, use no oak, avoid malolactic fermentation (MLF), and usually have some residual sugar to balance the higher acid.