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Grapes and Supplies for 2016

One of the main purposes of the Nanaimo Winemakers is to assist members in getting the grapes and supplies they need to make top-quality wine.  In 2016 the club will again be sourcing grapes from the south Okanagan (as was done in 2014 and 2015).  Grapes will be shipped fresh via refrigerated truck to the Cavallotti Lodge where club crushes will be held.  Because grape varietals do not ripen at the same time, multiple crushes are anticipated (there were 5 in 2015).  Crushes involve members bringing 23 L buckets with lids (or similar) to receive their grapes.  The club destemmer/crusher is used to process the grapes into the buckets.  For crushes involving white grapes, the club’s bladder press will be onsite for those who wished to press off the skins at that time.  Keep in mind that many whites benefit from a short cold soak (up to 24 hrs.), in which case one of the club’s presses can be borrowed if a member does not own a press.

Grape varietals sourced for fall 2016 are listed below. Cost after shipping is expected to range from $1.40 – $1.80 per lb depending on varietal.  If you wish to order some of these grapes for your fall winemaking, send us an email using the “Contact Us” link in the message section.  As in previous years, you must be a member of the Nanaimo Winemkaers or other BCAWA club to orders grapes (Cost to join Nanaimo Winemakers is only $45/year).

Table: Grapes Anticipated for Fall 2016

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