Links to Useful Winemaking Information on the Web

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Links to Useful Winemaking Information on the Web

Winemaking calculators

Vinoenology. A very handy site with a good calculator for additions and many useful articles.

Winemaking manuals and general winemaking sites

Wine Grape Profiles.  The Professional Friends of Wine have a Wine 101 course, part of which contains very useful profiles of wine grapes and the flavors they tend to develop.

The Home Winemakers Manual.  A major manual (1999) written by Lum Eisenman and available for free download in a .pdf or .doc version.

Making Wine for Home Use.   A recent (2003) 42-page manual available free as a pdf download. Produced by scholars at the Southwest Missouri State University’s Mid-America Viticulture and Enology Center.

Winemaking Home Page.   Jack Keller’s popular (in search engines) site for beginners and the “seasoned hobbyist.”  Keller is from Texas

Improved Winemaking. An English, general-purpose amateur site, by Ben Rotter. Useful information on several topics, which are also cited in more specific sections of this NW site. Has pop-up ads.

Winemaker Magazine. Everything wine. What more can we say.

Better Tasting Wine. A website focussed on increasing ones knowledge and appreciation of wine. Includes lessons and tutorials on tasting wine.

The History of Wine. A synopsis on the history of wine

Supplier sites

Lallemand—yeast and fermentation information.  Lallemand is a Canadian company and one of the world’s major supplies of wine yeast and nutrients, including Go-Ferm and Femaid-K. Its site provides a treasure of useful information.  Check out the yeast reference chart, “The Cellar,” with its recommendations on what yeasts to use with different grapes, and the “Library” of useful technical articles. You can even ask the “guru” (Clayton Cone) questions.

Scott Laboratories—best all-purpose supplier site.  Wide range of supplies and excellent notes on their correct use.

Research sites

Institut Coopératif du Vin.  Dominique Delteil’s base in Montpellier, France. There is an English version of this website, but it is not as up-to-date as the French version in terms of research results.

Virginia Tech Enology Grape Chemistry Group.  Bruce Zoeklin’s group. The “Extension” section of the website is probably most relevant.

New-World Winemaker. A site with lots and lots of valuable wine-making information.

Wynboer. A South African journal with lots of useful technical and semi-technical articles on grape growing and winemaking.


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