January 2018 Winter Social – Another Food, Wine & People Success

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Culinary talents and wine making expertise were very well represented Sunday January 14 at the Cavalotti Lodge. Add a taste of warm friendship, a helping of the usual verbal BS, three very desirable raffle wines and you have all the ingredients for a most enjoyable afternoon. Unfortunately, the raffle wines were all snapped up by longstanding members and the newbies, who desperately need value additions to their cellars, were shut out:


3rd Place – Mrs. George Beck                  2nd Place – Mr. Don Graham                        1st Place – Mr. James Waring

Oh, and did I mention the food?


Many thanks to the “chefs” who gave their time and creativity that resulted in this feast.

A special thank you to Cindy Scott, who was not able to stay for the event due to a wounded Mike, but did fulfill her organizing responsibilities and attended to the set up. Most appreciated.

It does not pay to arrive late for these events when winemakers generously contribute some of their prized wines. Early samplers quickly pass along their “finds”. “Did you see so and so brought their Pinot?”, “There’s a 16 year old red with a racey label”, “Have you tried Cindy’s 2010 Zin?”, “Don’s Sauvignon Blanc has gone already – it was made with the same yeast as we used last year – I think we should switch back this fall”. “But I prefer my label to Don’s”.

Espionage, loose tongues and winemaker’s secrets are all on display at the Winter Social.

All photo recording of the event was kindly provided by Christa Fox and here’s a slideshow for your pleasure:

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